Ruth and Jorge Andrade are in the business of gaming, but it’s got nothing to do with a casino. The East Taunton couple since last October have owned and operated a business on wheels they call Rolling Video Games Boston. The couple’s large trailer, painted with a splashy collage of images — including kids gripping controllers, rock guitarist Slash and Donkey Kong with a hockey stick — is the key to their earnings. Ruth Andrade says the Tennessee-based Rolling Video Games, despite its trade name, isn’t a franchise business with annual fees, profit sharing or territory limitations. Once you’ve bought the customized 32-by-8.5-foot, air-conditioned and heated. She includes the word Boston, even though it’s not painted on the pre-built trailer, when she promotes the business — be it on Facebook, in person or on the phone — so people know that she and her husband will do engagements as far away as the capital city. The custom-built trailer, which hitches up to the couple’s pickup truck, is a self-contained, video-game party — with four 55-inch widescreen high-def TV screens mounted inside and another two that can be set up outside with a pop-up awning. As many as 16 kids sit side by side on a long, cushioned bench with built-in vibrating motors synchronized to on-screen action, either playing the same game or against each other. The game truck gives any children that ultimate wow experience.

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